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How to Tell If a Partner Is Cheating On You



It is very frustrating to realize that your partner is cheating on you. You might not be able to know if it is true or false because you have never caught him or her red handed. You might be looking for reasons that will back up your theory but cannot find one. The only way you can tell if your partner is cheating on you is by reading in between the lines. This is to mean that you will be reading the signs and behaviors of your partner. This will tell you if he or she is cheating on you. This is more of psychological and tends to deal with the behavior or human beings. The following are some of the ways to tell if your partner is cheating on you.


You partner will start avoiding you and keep off his or her normal routine. This is common when they are from the actual act because they will always try to avoid you in order not to raise any suspicions. You will be fooled into thinking that they are not okay but they are just trying to avoid you noticing that they have been doing.


Your partner will develop some behaviors that he or she did not have before. These new tendencies will be off the hook and you will always tend to ask more questions about it to yourself. An example is when our partner tends to stick too much on their phone. They will always be glued to it to an extent that they will forget about you. When you talk to them or try getting their attention their response will cone late. This delay in response is a sign of a cheating husband or wife. When you confront such a person they will always be very defensive and very angry. To learn more on how to tell your partner about infidelity, you can visit


The need for privacy into a relationship is also another sign of a cheating spouse. If your partner suddenly comes up with the urgent need for privacy of his or her things then there is something that should be fishy about it. It is normal for them to keep opening up and knowing more about themselves into their relationship and not the other way round.


You will find that he or she has changed the passwords of his accounts r even that of their phone. They will have very many security codes that they will not tell you. If you have such a partner then it means that he or she is hiding something and that is a sign of a cheating partner. Is my partner cheating?